Cosmetology & Personal Care

These businesses have services for all your hair, nails and skin care needs!

Name: Ausha Nianes Make-up Artistry

Profession:  Make-up Artistry 

Name: Blue Styles Barbershop

Profession: Barbershop

Address: 223 E Commercial St, Springfield, MO 65803

Phone Number: (417)227-0001

Name: Della’s Hair Supply

Profession: Beauty Supply, Wig and Cosmetics Store

Address: 221 E. Commercial Street, Springfield, MO 65803

Phone Number: (417)720-1194

Name: Glamour Hair Salon

Profession: Beauty & Hair

Address: 1774 S Grant Ave
Springfield, MO 65807

Phone Number: (417) 869-8796

Name: Hair Waves Salon

Profession: Hair Salon

Address: 1211 Battlefield Rd #F, Springfield, MO 65807

Phone Number: (417)888-2442

Name: K Blair Hair 

Profession: Traveling Style

Address: 315 Pharr Road, Suite E Atlanta, GA 30305


Name: Professional Touch Salon and Beauty

Profession: Hair Salon

Address: 214 North Stewart Avenue Springfield, MO 65802

Phone Number: (417) 619-6212

Name: Reflections Barbershop

Profession: Barber Shop

Address: 303 W Grand, Springfield, MO 65802

Phone Number: (417)655-7872

Email Address:

Name: Springfield Braiding Company

Profession: Hair Salon

Address: 219 E Commercial St, Springfield, MO 65803

Phone Number: (314)800-6537

Email Address: