Big Momma’s Coffee & Espresso

Local coffee shop with a variety of coffee options!


This Italian eatery is located in downtown Springfield!

Cesar’s Old Mexico

Cesar’s Old Mexico is known for their wide variety of platters!

Chinese Chef

Chinese Chef features Orange Chicken, their signature dish!

The Hibiscus Jerk Hut

This food truck offers a variety of Jamaican American food!

Jamaican Patty Co.

Offering a variety of foods, the Jamaican Patty Co. is popular for their signature patties!

Jose Loco’s Steak and Grill

This restaurant is loved for the great deals and day to day specials!

Leong’s Asian Diner

This diner is responsible for the creation of Springfield’s popular cashew chicken!

Mae’s Gelateria

This family owned Gelateria is well known for their home made gelato!

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

Enjoy Mexican recipes at two convenient locations!

Mark Brown’s Town

This new catering business offers soul food meals that are all home cooked!

Momma Mary’s Navajo Tacos

This catering business offers bread buffets and much more!

Nonna’s Italian Cafe

This cafe varies in services, including dine in and catering, for all Italian food fans!

Norma’s Carriage House

This American Style diner offers a variety of food including selections of greek recipes!

Prima’s Mexican Grill

Prima’s offers three locations with the same flavors with a mix of traditional and modern!

El Purple Burrito

This taco shop offers a combination of California style Mexican food!

Q enoteca

This wine bar has a wide selection of wines available for all wine lovers!

That Lebanese Place

Not only does this restaurant serve traditional Lebanese food, they also have hookah available!

Tong’s Thai Restaurant

Offering a delicious selection of Thai food, Tong’s is currently serving curbside and more!

Tortilleria Perches

Not only is Tortilleria Perches known for their homemade tortillas, they are also a five star restaurant!