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Darline Mabins, Executive Director

Wes Pratt

Former Chief Diversity Officer / Assistant to President

Joe Robles Jr.

State Farm Insurance Agent

James Bond

Leadership Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach

Steve Dooley

Director of Aftermarket Parts / Accessories White River Marine Group

Duan Gavel

CEO / Software Developer w/      All Things Diverse SGF

Frances Stallcup

TM Resource Group Manager

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Justyn Pippens

SCORE VP of Community Relations

Sally Martina

Real Estate Broker w/ MSRG Real Estate Group

Nicole Millan

Bilingual Realtor at Keller Williams

Judith Martinez

World Languages and Cultures Faculty, Missouri State University

“I am competitive and driven by nature because of my sports background which provided me a full basketball scholarship. I encourage everyone to find out what motivates them and leverage it to find a path to success. I graduated from a private college in the mountains of North Carolina, Mars Hill University where I learned, it’s okay to be competitive but also be strategic and pragmatic in your work life.

Since graduating from college I have worked 37 years as a Retail Professional and it has exposed me to all aspects of business (Human Resources/DEI, Profit and Loss, Marketing, Customer Service, Event Planning involving Presidents of the United States…). The most fulfilling aspect of my job is collaborating with others to problem solve in a manner that enhances the customer experience. My most valued asset is developing and inspiring others to see their own value and understand there is a place for them at the executive table if they are willing to prepare. A great idea can come from anywhere as long as leadership provides an atmosphere of respect and value for its employees. I have been fortunate to interact with CEOs who look at things thru a “visionary lens” and surround themselves with people who can ask the right questions at the right time. I have also watched as major retailers faltered and closed up shop because they were so ridged they refused to invest in change. My retail career includes 16yrs at Walmart, 8 yrs at Kmart/Sears Holdings, and 8 years and counting at Bass Pro Shops just to mention the ones that to me are the most significant to me. The two founders/ CEO’s who made the biggest impression are Sam Walton and Johnny Morris. Both realized a void/ customer need and formulated a successful plan to bring their vision to fruition. The rest is history.

Board service gives me the opportunity to give back. I sincerely feel that it is my duty to share some of my knowledge/experiences with others. One of the small ways I can give back is collaborating in a manner which benefits the community and Board I serve on.”

Steve Dooley
White River Marine Group
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